For community service performed by CURRENT INDUCTED NHS members ONLY, please use the link below to report ANY hours completed this summer. This includes any NHS school sponsored events and/or "flex hours". Please submit your hours with in 10 days of an event to ensure your hours are recorded. Failure to submit hours within 10 days of the event date may result in hours not being counted towards your requirement.


    Please select the correct link for your grade!


    Class of 24 Link or scan the QR code below (active from 6/18/2024 to 4/30/2025)

    A new QR code will be added for the 24-25 school year shortly


    Class of 25 Link or scan the QR code below (active from 9/25/2023 to 6/16/2024) PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS FORM FOR HOURS WHICH YOU INTEND TO USE FOR THE 24-25 SCHOOL YEAR.

    Class of 25 Hours Link