Who is invited to apply for induction into NHS?
    Students who are juniors or seniors and have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.7 will be invited to apply via e-mail this summer!!!
    Will I receive a mailed letter inviting me to apply?
    No, all invitations will be emailed to student CBSD email addresses. Check your inbox to find the invitation sent by Mrs. Inman/Mrs. Payne.
    What is required to apply for induction into NHS:
    1. You must have already completed at least 5 hours of combined service to school and community. See other FAQ answers for clarification on what can be counted as community service.
    2. You must demonstrate a leadership role: this is an elected or appointed position such as, team captain, officer of a club or organization, mentor, band section leader, manager at a place of employment, etc.  See other FAQ answers for clarification on what can be counted as leadership.
    3. You must demonstrate good character (within the past 12 months, no record of cheating, plagiarism, intentional dishonesty, violating school rules or civil offenses in the community).
    How do I apply for NHS?
    1. Read and sign the Intent to Apply Form. It must be signed by both the student and a parent
    2. Use the link provided on this website to complete the digital application. NO PAPER APPLICATION this year!
    3. For each activity you listed, provide the supervising adult the link or the QR code for the  Activity Evaluation Form found on this website. They must complete and submit this online form in order for your participation in the activity to be verified!!!
    When is the due date for application?
    The Intent to Apply Form, Digital Application and ALL Activity Evaluation Forms must be submitted by Friday, September 30, 2022 to Mrs. Payne or Mrs. Inman! No exceptions will be made. It is your responsibility to follow-up with your supervising adults as to the completion of the Activity Evaluation Forms!!!
    Where can I get help completing my application?
    See Mrs. Inman or Mrs. Payne!
    There will be a few Q/A sessions provided during lunch and learn, presented by current NHS members!
    What happens once I have submitted my application?
    Applications will be presented to a Faculty Selection Committee. The committee will determine if the applicant has fulfilled all requirements:
    submitted all completed forms, including signatures, and digital forms. The committee will then provide the advisors with a list of the approved candidates for induction. The advisors will contact all applicants via US Mail of their approval or denial for induction. Advisors DO NOT select candidates for induction
    What happens if I am not approved for induction?
    There is an appeal progress you can initiate.
    When is the Induction Ceremony/
    Induction is planned for October 2022
    What am I required to do once I have been inducted into NHS?
    1. Complete a total of at least 20 hours of service. 5 of the 20 can be community service, the other hours must represent participation in NHS sponsored events. 
    2. Maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.7
    3. Continue to demonstrate good character and leadership in school, on the field and in the community!
    4. Attend required NHS meetings once monthly (failure to do so will cause hours to be deducted from your required hours of service)
    Where can I find opportunties in order to complete my 20 hours of service that are required?
    We e-mail you regularly and update the calender on this website weekly. Use the links provided to sign-up!
    How do I communicate that I have participated in an activity in order to get credit for my hours?
    You will complete a digital NHS Hours Verification Form (see the link on this website) and provide pictures if applicable.