• Memebership

    Membership in the C.B. East National Honor Society is both an honor and a commitment to the demonstration of the pillars of NHS - scholarship, service, leadership, & character. Maintaining one's membership is dependent upon the continuous demonstration of these qualities that earned each member's selection.

    Please note, after induction, a student is a full-fledged member and must uphold the following membership duties:

    1. Attend mandatory monthly meetings. See below for more details!

    2. Maintain the necessary 3.700000 cumulative weighted GPA.

    3. Pay yearly dues of $20.00.

    4. Remain in good standing (adhere to all laws as well as all Central Bucks rules & policies).

    5. Participate in 20 hours (10 hours per semester) of NHS-sponsored projects or activities with our school and community partners. See below for more details on hour requirements!

    Click here to navigate to service hours verification form page or use the QR Code below.

    Link to Form


    Membership Requirement Details

    NHS membership duties include attending monthly meetings after school. Meetings are typically 30 minutes or less and held at East. Attendance is required and failure to attend results in the addition of 30 minutes of community service hours. Excused absences include missing the meeting for sports or if a student was not present for the school day. Members must contact their NHS VP with questions about attendance and absence excuses. Regardless of attendance, all members must be aware of information discussed at meetings. The President will send information to members via email following meetings.


    Students whose grades fall below a 3.7 GPA will have one marking period in which to raise his/her grades to be in compliance with our chapter's requirement. A member's rolling cumulative GPA at the end of the next marking period will be used as the benchmark for compliance.


    Dues are collected by a given date. Failure to pay dues by the due date will result in a member being put on probation.


    If students are not in good standing they may be dismissed from NHS immediately without a probationary period.


    Students must complete 10 hours per semester for a total of 20 hours yearly. 15 of the 20 hours MUST be NHS sponsored school events. Students may get a maximum of 5 "flex"hours per year (not semester) by participating in outside community service. Regardless of how hours are fulfilled, all students must complete the digital hours verification form detailing the activity! Hour requirements are evaluated throughout each semester. Failure to meet hour requirements by the due date will result in a member being put on probation.



    In the event that a member fails to comply with any duty, the East Faculty Selection Council will review student membership status with the intent of dismissing. If a Junior is dismissed, the student will be required to relinquish membership and will not be able to reapply. Any Senior who is dismissed will be required to relinquish membership and will not be honored as a NHS member at the graduation ceremony. Dismissed students must return any NHS materials including certificates, pins, membership cards, etc. or be subject to an obligation.


    Typically, a student deficient in their membership will be notified via email and asked to complete paperwork. If applicable, the student will be placed on probation and have time to remedy the deficiency and a dismissal hearing will be held by the council after probationary time is over. If a student has multiple deficiencies, a warning and probation period may not be given prior to a dismissal hearing. Students will be notified via email of any decisions regarding membership and dismissal. 


    Click here to open a PowerPoint document which contains ALL the details about NHS. We recommend reviewing this entire document if a student intends on becoming a member. Included in the PowerPoint is a Membership Qualification Quiz which helps students identify if they meet membership requirements or what requirements are lacking that may prevent membership after applying. CLICK HERE to review this in a PowerPoint or CLICK HERE to review this in a PDF.