• Operation Eternal Gratitude
    Veterans Wall of Honor
    Central Bucks H.S. East
    Flag strip
    Operation Eternal Gratitude at Central Bucks H.S. East developed a
    Veterans Wall of Honor
    dedicated to East graduates
    who have or are currently serving in our armed forces.
    Also included are faculty and staff members who have served.
    We need your help finding these well deserving service people.
    If you or someone you know meets the criteria, please contact
    Karen Smith at ksmith@cbsd.org
    Information requested:
    Name - Year graduated from East - Branch of the Armed Forces served
    Employees: Years worked at East (e.g. 1970-1995)
    We would also request a photo in uniform to include in our tribute.
    A copy will be made and the original will be returned if requested.
    Please include your name, address, phone number and e-mail address with
    your response so we can contact you if there are any questions.
    We'd also like to invite you to our annual Veterans Day Ceremony!