C.B. East School Store

Spring has sprung...
are you ready with
your East wear?!

Did you know that rising sophomores LOVE to receive
East clothes for middle school graduation?

Did you know that graduating seniors LOVE to head off to
college, military or the work force sporting their East wear?

East Side Pride - get your spirit on!

School Store


Tuesday & Friday 7:00 a.m.-7:15 a.m. and all four lunches


The school store is also open for some

special after school events or by appointment

(Back To School Night - Curriculum Fair - Graduation)


 For an appointment:(267) 893-2300 or e-mail: vkownurko@cbsd.org


Lands End Models  


New Items:

                Flag Fan - $1.00        Sparkly Sunglasses - $2.00

Fan Flag                 Sunglass-Sparkly


 Visors - $13.00



Pom Pom Hats - $20.00

   Pom Pom Hat

Tube Socks with C.B. East-Patriots - $10.00

Tube Socks-C.B. East

Infant Romper - $13.00
(Navy or White onesie with shorts!)



Dog Dog Dog

 Send a picture of your pooch wearing their East gear!


Phone Number: 267-893-2300

Click on the School Store link to access
Clothing, Other Items and the Order Form!