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    Item Price Picture
    Tattoo $0.25



    Flag Fan $1.00  Flag Fan
    Tinsel Head Boppers $2.00 Head Boppers
    Glitter Sunglasses $2.00  Glitter Sunglasses1
    Stars and Stripes Bandana $2.00 Bandana
    C.B. East Sticker or
    Patriots Sticker



    No Touch Door Opener Button Push Tool


    No Touch Opener

    Patriots Magnet or
    "E" Magnet



    "Flashing" Sunglasses $5.00  Sunglasses
    C.B. East Detachable Lanyard $6.00



     Umbrella Hat $8.00  Umbrella Hat Face  Umbrella Hat Top
    Pennant $10.00



    Fleece Blanket
    (red or navy)

    $25.00 Blanket Blanket-gray
    Golf Umbrella
    (red, white & blue panels
    60" with wood handle)
    "C.B. East Patriots
    Impermeable Pride"



  • Miscellaneous Items:
    Pens, Mechanical Pencils, Pencil Lead, Erasers, Composition Books,
    Folders, Book Soxs, Combo Locks, Flash (Thumb) Drives, etc.

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