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Keystone Exam Information


CB East Sophomore Parents and Students,


We are in the fifth year of Keystone testing in Pennsylvania, and once again, Keystone testing will take place this year in both the winter and the spring.  We wanted to communicate the logistics of the Keystone exam and how it will affect our students and our school as a whole in the familiar "5 W" format.

What are the Keystone exams?  Keystone Exams are state mandated assessments used to assess student proficiency in the content areas of Literature, Algebra 1, and Biology.


Who has to take the Keystone exams?  All Class of 2019 students must participate in each exam before they can graduate from CB East. Some students may have taken one or more of the exams in middle school, and if they achieved proficiency, will not need to take it again in that content area.  In early September, spring results were distributed to students and are currently available in the Parent Portal.  Navigating to the Parent Portal, parents may find their student’s Keystone exam scores by selecting the Assessments tab in the State Tests section (along with previous PSSA scores). The Pennsylvania Department of Education uses four designations for achievement:  Advanced, Proficient, Basic, or Below BasicAdvanced (Adv) and Proficient (Pro) scores are considered passing scores that demonstrate proficiency.  Students who do not reach proficiency in Literature, Biology, and Algebra will retake the Keystone Exam in their regularly scheduled 10th/11th grade English, Science, or Math class.


When are the Keystone exams?  Students who have Algebra I, English – 10 and/or Biology in the fall will test in the Winter Testing dates while students with these courses second semester will test in the Spring testing window. 


The Winter testing dates are as follows:

  • Literature:  Blocks 1 & 3 - December 5th and 6th; Blocks 2 & 4 - December 7th and 8th

  • Algebra 1 & Biology:  Blocks 1 & 3 - January 12th and 13th; Blocks 2 & 4  - January 17th & 18th

We will adjust the bell schedules on these days to allow for the appropriate testing time allotted; however, students will attend each of their classes during these days.

Please note that the Algebra and Biology exams are scheduled for before and after Martin Luther King holiday.  Please have students present in school these days to ensure the completion of the Keystone Exam requirement.


Where will students take the Keystone exams?  Students in a Keystone class (Alg. 1, English 10 and Biology) will take the exams in their content area class with their teacher - for example, if a student has English 2nd block, that is where he/she will take the exam. If students do not have an English, Math, or Science class in the 1st semester, they will test during the spring testing window.  If a student is retesting, they will be pulled from their current content area class to retest – ie. if a student has not tested proficient the Algebra I Keystone, they will be pulled from their Geometry/Trig or Algebra Lab class.  Our goal is to support each student as he/she works toward demonstrating proficiency in the academic standards, therefore, students retesting will be provided access to Study Island, an online resource that offers test-taking strategies and remediation in all of the standards addressed on the Keystone exams. Additionally, after school review sessions have been made available to retesting students.  Dates for review sessions will soon be available on the Class of 2019 website at http://cbsd.org/domain/695..


Why do the students take the Keystone exams?  These tests are mandated by the state in order for students to demonstrate proficiency in these content areas.  If a student does not reach proficiency on the first attempt, they will be allowed to retest in that content area.  Results from the exam are used to determine CB East's Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) and are reported on student transcripts.  Score reports from the winter testing will arrive in the spring, and will be communicated to both students and parents.

If you are interested in learning more about the Keystones, please click on the link below.  We will send out another email in the spring with the dates and logistics for the spring testing window. 



As stated above, our goal is to support each student as he/she works toward demonstrating proficiency in the academic standards.  Thank you for your cooperation in this endeavor.  Please contact me if you have further questions. 


Lori L. Gallagher-Landis

School Assessment Coordinator

Central Bucks High School East



The contents of this email are confidential and are intended solely for the use of the individual to whom it is addressed.  Any attempts to forward, copy, disseminate or alter the contents of this email are strictly prohibited.


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