• CB East/CB West miniTHON 2018




    CB East MiniTHON is on its 3rd year here at East. Over the past two years, the students at East have raised upwards of $80,000. Each year a group of student advisors with the help of teacher advisors, Ms. Power, Mr. Freed, and Mr. Pierangeli , help to plan and execute this 6 hour dance marathon. This year MiniTHON's student advisors are, Stephanie Ott (senior), Alisa Lapioli (senior), Haylie Laff (senior), Gavin Ventresca (junior), and Emma Lehmann (junior). With this group of advisors, their committees, and the whole student body, CB East has been able to contribute so much to the battle against pediatric cancer through MiniTHON and the Four Diamonds Foundation.

    Four Diamonds Donor Drive-CB East miniTHON 2018

    Four Diamonds miniTHON recap video

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