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    **As of this year, there is a change to the attendance procedures we are required to maintain. Please be aware that as of September 5th, 2017, new PA Legislation (Act 138) is going into effect. Act 138 stipulates that after three (3) days of unlawful absences (including unexcused absences) within one school year, parents will receive a letter from their child's school outlining the consequences of habitual truancy and inviting them to a School Attendance Improvement Conference (as required of schools per the legislation). Additional absences may result in a referral to a school-based attendance improvement program, referral to Bucks County Children and Youth Services, and/or a citation for violating compulsory attendance laws. Penalties for conviction include fines of up to $750.00 for each offense. In the event your child is absent, please be sure to contact the attendance office within three days of the absence. This can be done through email (attendance@cbsd.org), phone (267-893-2400), fax (267-893-5821) or by submitting a written note. Students with unlawful absences are also subject to school-based disciplinary consequences. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.**


    Central Bucks School District attendance policies conform to the Pennsylvania School Code sections 1326 to 1333 dealing with compulsory school attendance.


    “Every child of compulsory school age having a legal residence in this Commonwealth… is required to attend a day school in which the subjects and activities prescribed by the standards of the State Board of Education are taught.”


    TO REPORT AN ABSENCE, please leave a message on the CB East 24 hour Attendance Hotline (267)893-2400(267)893-2400 or send an e-mail to the Attendance Office at Attendance@cbsd.org. Please include your student's name, grade, date of absence and reason.

    TO CONFIRM AN EARLY RELEASE, please call (267)893-2320(267)893-2320.

    To see your student's attendance record, go to the Parent Portal!

    Late Arrival /Early Release Application Form:  click HERE

    Seniors who have either first block or fourth block study hall may either arrive late or leave early on a daily basis with parent/guardian permission and school administration permission. In order to obtain this permission, the student must complete the form and turn it in to the Senior House Office. The student must recognize and agree that this is a privilege that can be suspended or revoked by a parent/guardian or school administration. In order to obtain and retain this permission at school, all obligations must be met and the student must be free of disciplinary infractions. Being on-time to classes is essential.


    After the form is turned in and once permission is granted, late arrival / early release will be noted on the student’s attendance on the Campus Portal. Click here for permission form: L/A and E/R Form

    For more information, please view our guidelines page.


    Absence/Tardy Excuse Note

     Request for Approved Family Travel


    Note: These forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader<span "verdana","sans-serif";'="">. This free utility can bedownloaded HERE<span "verdana","sans-serif";'=""> if you have trouble opening andviewing the forms.


    Thank you for visiting the East Attendance web page. It is our hope that this resource will help home and school work together to support good attendance and success in learning. You may call the Attendance Office if you have questions: 267-893-2320267-893-2320.