Central Bucks High School East
Guidance Department

Central Bucks High School East's guidance team strongly supports the academic performance, career development, and personal/social growth of each student. Our goal is to assist students in their pursuits and to support them in the decision making process. We are committed to creating atmosphere of encouragement so that each student is empowered to set and pursue goals as they prepare for their future.


As school counselors, our job is different from teachers and principals, yet we all work closely as a team to support students and help them succeed.  We follow our class from 10th through 12th grade and then re-start with a new group after graduation.  School counselors play three main roles in the school.  They are:  Academic Advising, Coordination of Services, and Responsive Counseling.  Below we briefly describe these roles so you will have a better understanding of how we help students at CB East.


Academic Advising includes:

Program planning (scheduling, picking classes, etc.)

Academic difficulties

Post-Secondary planning
Coordinating of Services includes:
Team meetings
Link to resources
College liaison
Responsive Counseling includes:
Individual counseling
Crisis response
Consultation with parents, teachers, and other educators
Ongoing groups
SAP (student assistance program)

Please feel free to contact the guidance department via phone, email or fax. 
Phone: 267-893-2310

Fax: 267-893-5844

School Counselors


Class of 2017

Walt Sandstrom (A-La)

Melanie Jones (Le-Z)

Class of 2018

Elizabeth Carr (A-K)

George Moustakas (L-Z)

Class of 2019

Lyn Russo (A-Le)


Tanya Barone-Durant (Lf-Z)

Guidance Secretaries

Linda West - Senior Class Guidance Secretary

Kellie Reilly - Junior Class Guidance Secretary

Diane Kelleher - Sophomore Class Guidance Secretary
School Psychologist