Some important tips based on questions we are receiving from students:



     November 21, 2022

    • Need your first marking period grades?  Stop by C106 to speak to Mrs. Kozman.  She will ask you to complete a form in-person.
    • For financial aid, complete the FAFSA (and CSS Profile if required by your colleges) by the priority deadlines established by your colleges.  Visit the Financial Aid website for each college to confirm the forms required and deadlines.  


    October 13, 2022  


    • Please be sure to verify application requirements and deadlines directly on the college admission websites. 
    • Does your school require an SRAR (Self Report Academic Record)?  Examples of schools that require this are:  Pitt, Penn State, Temple, University of Florida, University of Delaware, Rutgers and many others.  The SRAR is a separate account that students need to establish in addition to completing their application.  It is not the same thing as reporting grades through the Common App.  When completing the SRAR, check off “full year” courses, even though we are on block scheduling.  Dates of attendance are 9/19 – 6/23.  Only report weighted GPA.
    • Please monitor your application portals, and the email address that you provided on your applications.  Colleges will communicate with you via these two methods about the status of your applications including any missing information.
    • Be sure to enter colleges manually into Naviance if they are non-Common App colleges.  If they require a transcript, you will also need to click the button to request the transcript.
    • If you need a Counselor Letter of Recommendation, be sure to complete the Counselor Recommendation Questionnaire on Naviance (“About Me” and “Surveys From Your School”).  You will also need to request the letter in Naviance, but only need to do so for one college.  The Counselor Letter of Recommendation will be sent to all colleges that require it, after you make the one request.  Request it for the school that allows the largest number of recommendation letters (even if they don’t require a Counselor  Recommendation Letter), that way we don’t take up a spot within the request system for schools that only permit you to request a small number of recommendations. 
    • It is not necessary to finish your applications prior to requesting transcripts and recommendations.  However, you must have either added the colleges to your Common App or started the college-specific application prior to making these requests.

    What is our school code? 

    Our school code is 390-488                                                                                                 


    How many students are in the class of 2023?

    There are approximately 480 students in the class of 2023


    How do I find out my class rank for my college application?   

    Central Bucks School District does not report rank                        


    What grading scale does our school district utilize?

    We are on a 4.0 scale.


    Is my cumulative GPA Weighted?

    Yes, we report Weighted GPA. Honors courses are weighted .25, AP Courses are weighted 1.0. Advanced courses are not weighted. 


    What is my School Counselor's contact information?

    Mr. Walter Sandstrom (students last names A-Lo)


    Mrs. Melanie Jones (students with last names Lp-Z)


    School Counseling Phone Number 267-893-2310

    School Counseling Fax Number 267-893-5844

    CB East 2804 Holicong Rd. Doylestown PA 18902


    Could you please explain how students can request transcripts be sent to colleges? 

    Counselors will release a video in mid-to-late August explaining the process to request transcripts. The counseling office will begin to submit transcripts to colleges on September 7th.  


    If a college has rolling admissions, when is the earliest you can submit your application?

    Every school will release their application on a different date.  Most colleges will release their Fall 2023 application in August.  Make sure you fill out the correct application intended for students applying in the Fall of 2022, rather than the previous year. Students may submit their portion of the application as soon as it is available on the college website.   Please be aware that colleges will not begin to consider an application until well into September, so you can use August to complete the application and any required supplemental materials thoroughly.  Students can begin to request transcripts on September 7, 2022.  However, these requests will require a minimum of 15 school days to process.


    If you apply to a school and there is a delay in getting the transcript does that put you at risk for not being accepted because they don’t have everything at once?

    There is no way for a college to receive all parts of a student’s application at once.  The parts of the application will arrive at the admission office at different times.  When all parts have arrived at the admissions office, the student’s admission file is complete and it can be reviewed.  It’s the student’s responsibility to be aware of deadlines.  A college’s application deadline means all components of the application must arrive at the college on/before that date.  Even for rolling admission schools, the end of September is still considered early! 


    If the college accepts student self-reported transcripts, how do I access my transcript?

    You can access your unofficial transcript through the Infinite Campus portal, under reports.


    If the college accepts student self-reported transcripts, do I still need to fill out a Records Release Authorization Form?

    Yes!  Colleges will need information from CB East throughout the application process.  There is no other way for us to know that you applied to the college without the having the Release of Records Authorization and an electronic request from you via Naviance.  


    Do we know on Naviance if/when transcripts have been sent out?

    Yes, you will be able to log into Naviance and see when your transcript has been sent to a college.


    Should I list Holicong or Tohickon (my 9th grade year courses), on the common app?

    List your 9th grade classes under 'Central Bucks East" with your other courses.  (You cannot select Holicong or Tohickon MS)


    In Naviance when I request my transcripts, I need to designate the type of application, but there are only two options:  Common Application, or Direct to Institution.  I used The Coalition Application.  What should I select?

    For any application other than Common App, including The Coalition Application, you'll select "Direct to Institution".


    When can you start applying for regular decision?  I know the deadline is January.

    You can apply as soon as the college releases their Fall 2023 application.  The earliest you can request that we submit your transcript would be September 7th.   When applying Regular Decision, you receive no advantage in the admission process for submitting your application early.  Colleges who operate under Regular Decision are comparing you against the rest of the students in the applicant pool.  Everyone who applies Regular Decision will learn of their admission decision on the same date: usually in March/April. 


    When should you apply to Penn State?

    Penn State has an early action deadline of November 1stAdd Penn State to the list of colleges you are applying to in Naviance.  This informs CB East of your intention to apply.  However, because Penn State requires students to self-report their transcripts, no initial transcript will be submitted by CB East.  


    Can you apply Early Action to an unlimited number of schools?

    Yes.  The only restriction would be if the college has an Early Action Restricted policy.  If this is the case, it will be listed on the school’s application and students would not be able to apply Early Action anywhere else.  


    How do I find my high school marking period report card grades?  Various applications require me to report grades 9 through 11 marking period grades.  

    Prior Year Report Cards can be found in your Portal account in "Backpack". 


    What’s the advantage of applying Early Decision (ED)?

    For a student who has a definite first-choice college, applying ED has many benefits besides possibly increasing the chance of getting in. Applying ED lets the student:

    ·         Reduce stress by cutting the time spent waiting for a decision.

    ·         Save the time and expense of submitting multiple applications.

    ·         Gain more time, once accepted, to look for housing and otherwise prepare for college.

    ·         Reassess options and apply elsewhere if not accepted.

    ·         Remember to be certain of an ED choice, as it is binding.


    Is Early Decision binding dependent upon your financials – ie.  What if I don’t get the necessary aid package to afford the school?

    There is a caveat in Early Decision that allows you to be released from the ED agreement if you cannot afford the cost of attendance.  If cost is an issue and will be a determining factor for you, perhaps ED is not the right option for you because you will not have the opportunity to compare financial aid offers.  Most colleges will not provide you with a full/accurate financial aid package until March/April.  If you are considering applying ED at a school, you can ask them to give you a financial aid estimate at the time you are applying. 


    If you’re applying ED or Rolling Admission, what is the last SAT/ACT date you can consider taking in the fall?

    We highly advise that you ask this question directly to the college to which you are applying.  As a general rule, if you are applying to a school with a priority deadline or ED deadline of November 15 or earlier, the last SAT/ACT date you could take would be early October.  If you are applying to a school with a deadline between November 15 and December 1, the last SAT/ACT date you could take would be early November. However, please remember that many colleges have become test-optional due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and therefore do not require SAT/ACT scores.  All the test optional colleges are listed at www.fairtest.org 


    When sending SAT or ACT scores, can I choose specific scores to include, while not sending others?”  How does that work?

    CollegeBoard and ACT have programs that allow for score choice.  These policies give you the option to choose which scores you send to colleges — in accordance with the college’s stated score-use practice. 

    CB East does not include any testing on your transcript.  It is the student's responsibility to have their scores sent directly to the institution from the testing agency.


    Do you recommend sending both SAT and ACT scores?

    It is important for each student to evaluate the testing policy at each college to which they apply.  The decision to include test scores with an application may differ from college to college.  


    Can you send your SAT/ACT scores to your selected colleges before you send in your application?  Or do you need to hand them in together?

    You can send in your SAT/ACT scores before you submit your application for admission.  It is normal/acceptable to have pieces of your application arrive at the college at different times, as long as everything arrives by the application deadline. 


    Do colleges see if a student did not take an AP test?

    Not from CB East.  This is usually self-reported by the student on their application.


    What about AP test scores?  Are they on the transcript score report?  Do colleges want them?

    AP Exam scores will not be listed on your CB East transcript.  AP scores are typically used for advanced placement and college credit, not admission.  Students most often send scores to the college to which they enroll (after May 1).   This can be done during AP testing season or through the CollegeBoard account in the month of July.  


    What is the process for asking teachers for a recommendation?

    We recommend students ask 2 teachers if they would be willing to write a recommendation on their behalf.   Teachers will send their recommendations directly to the college via Naviance.  Students will request teacher recommendations via Naviance.  Counselors will release more detailed information on this process in mid-to-late August. 


    What is the process for asking counselors for recommendations?

    Students have to complete the "Counselor Recommendation Questionnaire" found under the "About Me" section in Naviance (upper right hand corner of your Naviance welcome screen).   Students will request counselor recommendations via Naviance.  Counselors will release more detailed information on this process in mid-to-late August. 


    Can we ask teachers from middle school for letters of recommendation?

    Often colleges prefer recommendation letters from teachers in grades 10-12, preferably in an academic class or a class that directly correlates to the major in which you are applying.  If they are a teacher at CB East and they have tutored you, coached you, or were an advisor to your club (but never taught you in class), they most likely will not count as a teacher recommendation.


    How do you know that the teachers submitted their recommendations?

    There are a few ways you can check on this.  1)  You can ask the teacher and they can log into their Naviance account and tell you the date they submitted it.  Once they submit your recommendation via Naviance, they will receive a confirmation number.  This can be helpful if a college is stating they haven’t received the teacher’s recommendation.  The teacher can give you or the college the confirmation number and the college will be able to access the recommendation.  2)  You can check in with the senior class school counseling secretary; she can log into Naviance and see if the teacher has sent the recommendation.  3)  You can call the college or check the college application portal (if available).  4)  You can log into your Naviance account and check under the same spot where you requested the recommendation.


    Who is a good person to show your essay to get suggestions/feedback?  Are any English teachers open to receiving essays via email over the summer?

    We recommend that you have as many possible people read/critique your college essay – including teachers, parents, friends, etc.  They should not only be reading your essay for spelling and grammatical errors, but they should also feel that the essay is really “you” (ie. they can hear your “voice” in the essay.).  Remember, your essay is something in the admission process, one of the only things, in which you have 100% control.  Make sure it is your best work and something that really gives the admissions representative a glimpse into who you really are. 

    Teachers are not required to check their email in the summer, so our recommendation is not to depend on getting this feedback from a counselor or teacher in the summer.  


    What is meant by application supplements?

    Each college listed on the Common Application has the option to include supplemental essay questions. These are above and beyond the Common Application essay prompts.  


    Regarding financial aid, what is the CSS Profile and FAFSA.

    The CSS Profile and FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) are two documents that colleges may require if a student is applying for financial aid.  These forms become available October 1st.  The district will host a financial aid presentation in October of your senior year to help guide you through the financial aid process.  Additionally, CB East will host a FAFSA Overview Night with our representative from PHEAA to assist you with understanding the FAFSA.


    Do many schools have tours and info sessions in the summer?

    Yes, most (if not all) have tours in the summer.  You should contact the admissions office and sign up for one in advance of your visit.  Summer is a great time to visit, but you won’t get to see the campus in session. 

    Are all the schools’ admission requirements on Naviance?

    Yes, most are.  But, you need to check each individual school’s website to make sure that you are following their exact requirements.  You should not rely solely on Naviance.  The colleges’ websites are where you will find the most comprehensive, detailed, and updated information regarding their admission requirements.


    Do you have to declare a major on your application?  How does that affect the process?

    This depends on the college and major to which you are applying.  If you have a question regarding this, we encourage you to ask the individual colleges to which you are applying.  Some colleges have specific criteria for admission to a particular major.  In certain cases, the college could have direct-admit programs, meaning if you do not get in as a freshmen, you cannot transfer into the major once you matriculate.  We see this a lot with programs such as nursing, speech pathology, engineering, and physical therapy.  This is why it is best to check with each college.