Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Do I need to have a team?

    No-everyone is registering as an individual on the Donor Drive page and expected to raise at least $30.

    We are all one big East Team with the goal of raising money for pediatric cancer.


    2. How do I register as a team?

    You can not register as a team but we want you to work together. Register as an individual and raise $30 as an individual.

    For example, class of 23: Register as individuals but show up together on March 2nd as a team.


    3. Do I have to raise $30?

    YES!  Every person must raise at least $30.


    4. What is the deadline to sign up?

    Monday-February 27th.


    5. How can I raise $30?

    • Register and send the link to your site (at the end) to friends and family.
    • Bake Sales
    • Car washes