NHS Patriot Tutor Center

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    Our Peer Tutoring Coordinators are here to help pair tutors with those seeking help with their classwork. Once a student seeking help is paired with a tutor it is up to both parties to organize a time to meet for tutoring. Please use the above QR codes to sign up.
    If you are a NHS member seeking to help tutor, you can use this as a way to get NHS sponsored hours! Rules for tutoring for hours:
    1. You must tutor via Study Buddies, Spanish Honor Society, NHS Patriot Tutoring Center, or CBE/Holicong tutoring.
    2. You must complete a verification form (see the link below) for each tutoring session to get hours. Form must be filled out completely.
    3. A maximum of 3 hours for tutoring per semester will be allowed.
    If you want to tutor, please see the below documents for some tips and expectations!