NHS Patriot Tutor Center

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    Our Peer Tutoring Coordinators are here to help pair tutors with those seeking help with their classwork. Once a student seeking help is paired with a tutor it is up to both parties to organize a time to meet for tutoring. Please use the above QR codes to sign up.
    If you are a NHS member seeking to help tutor, you can use this as a way to get NHS sponsored hours! We ask that if you tutor and want to gain hours, you will click here to complete the verification form. Rules for tutoring for hours:
    1. You must tutor via Study Buddies, Spanish Honor Society, or NHS Patriot Tutoring Center. CBE/Holicong tutoring does not qualify.
    2. You must complete a verification form (see the link below) for each tutoring session to get hours. Form must be filled out completely.
    3. A maximum of 5 hours for tutoring per semester will be allowed.
    If you want to tutor, please see the below documents for some tips and expectations!