Congratulations on your invitation to submit an application to join the East chapter of the National Honor Society. Please click on the correct link to find all of the materials needed to apply.  All applications are due no later than 3pm, September 30, 2022. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE
    Please follow the steps below (note: this is a NEW process! We have gone digital!!!!!

    1. Complete the Intent to Apply (paper form, click below to download and print) which requires a student signature AND a parent signature. PRINT, SIGN and Return a hard copy of your completed form to Mrs. Payne in room C213 as soon as possible after you have recieved an invitation to apply (do this ASAP)!

    Intent to Apply Form

    2. Use the link below  or scan the QR code to complete the digital application. Failure to follow directions and complete all items may jeopardize your application!

    Link to Application


    Need an example? Click here --> Sample Application Responses!

    3. For each and every activity listed on your application you will need a supervising adult to complete a Verification Form. YOU - the student applying - MUST PROVIDE THE LINK/ QR CODE TO THE SUPERVISING ADULT to complete the Verification Form in order for the application review committee to confirm your participation in the listed activity. The link and QR code are below for you to share.

    Link to Verification Form

    Verification Form

    *Remember, you need a Verification Form completed and submitted online from EACH and EVERY activity by a supervising adult!!!


    If you have any questions, read through the 'frequently asked questions' document. The document provides information on many common questions or concerns.

    In-School Activity, Leadership, and Service to Community are all requirements for selection.  A particularly strong section in one domain will not compensate for a weak section in another domain.  THEREFORE, IF YOU CANNOT COMPLETE A SECTION, please do not apply at this time.