**Membership to NHS is by invitation only. 
    Those interested in becoming members in the future are encouraged to participate in COMMUNITY SERVICE NOW and during the summer of 2022 to ensure hour requirements are met for membership.**
    Eligibility and the Application Process:
    1. After completing your sophomore and/or junior year, students with a 3.70000 GPA or higher will receive an EMAIL with attached INVITATION to apply to NHS.
    2. The invitation will contain a link to the application materials. 
    3. Complete the Intent to Apply Form, signed by both the student and a parent/guardian. Submit to Mrs. Payne by 9/30/2022!
    4. Complete the digital application!
    5. Students must provide documentation that indicates strength in all of the core areas of the National Honor Society which include: In-school activities, Leadership, and Service to Community. Please keep in mind that the burden of proof is on the student. Members on the committee reviewing applications can only rely on the information provided in the application packet!! Provide the supervising adult of each activity the link to complete the proper forms to verify participation in the event. If you plan to use an activity for more than one area, for instance community service and leadership, the advisor must fill-out TWO forms!



    1. A Faculty Council selects all members of the National Honor Society. The NHS advisers are not voting members of the Selection Council.
    2. Student applications are evaluated for the following criteria required of National Honor Society members: scholarship, leadership, service, & character.
    3. To be accepted into the EAST chapter of the NHS, students are expected to have service to school (school activities), service to community, leadership, and good character.

        *Service to school is defined as having an ongoing commitment to representing CB East through membership in clubs, organizations, and/or sports. It is expected that students participate in school service activities on a regular and consistent basis. CB East NHS applications should include school service experience AFTER 9th grade (includes the summer before 10th grade.)  

        *Service to community is defined as activities that are done for or on behalf of nonprofit organizations, (and outside of family & school) for which no compensation has been given. Juniors are expected to have performed 5 hours, and seniors 10 hours.  Hours are calculated from the end of 9th grade.  

        *Leadership positions should be elected or appointed, and require students to be directly responsible for leading and directing others. Examples of acceptable leadership positions are class/club officer, team captain or coach, work manager, and newspaper editor, to name a few. CB East NHS applications should include Leadership experience AFTER 9th grade (includes the summer before 10th grade.)

        *Good character is defined as having no record of cheating or plagiarism, intentional dishonesty, violations of school rules & policies, or offenses in the community.
    4. Students are required to get letters or signed evaluation forms for all activities in and out of school.  To ensure privacy, evaluation letters are to be sealed and not opened by the student.
    5. There is a solid deadline for completed NHS applications. Any application, letter, or form received after this date will not be accepted. In fairness to all, there are no exceptions to this rule. The due date is September 30, 2022.
    6. Applications are examined by the Faculty Selection Council and all applicants will receive a letter in the mail announcing the Council's decision. Letters will be mailed after applications are reviewed.
    7. Induction is planned for October 2022!


    NHS maintains policies and practices that are designed to prevent discrimination against any qualified candidate on the basis of race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, sex, and disability. This policy of nondiscrimination applies to all practices, including the selection, discipline, and dismissal of members.