• Welcome New Inductees to NHS!

    (All new members receive an acceptance letter in the mail. Questions or concerns can be emailed to spayne@cbsd.org. or einman@cbsd.org. Thank you!)

    Membership in the C.B. East National Honor Society is both an honor and a commitment to the demonstration of scholarship, service, leadership, & character. Maintaining one's membership is dependent upon the continuous demonstration of these qualities that earned each member's selection. Upon acceptance, New members must follow the following steps:


     Please follow the following 4 steps:

    • Complete the FORMS SURVEY RSVP to Induction Ceremony indicating your desire to participate in the Induction ceremony on November 1st, 2022 at 6:00 p.m.
    • Pay $20 dues via check : Central Bucks East NHS. Due to Mrs. Payne or Mrs. Inman by October 26, 2022!
    • Sign and submit your NHS contract to Mrs. Payne or Mrs. Inman by October 26!
    • Get your photo taken and turn in your "Shout Out" Form
    • Attend practice on October 24 during A lunch in the auditorium.