Fall Pre-Team Swim Clinic 2024
    The pre-team clinic provides initial team-like practices for swimmers interested in joining our CBST-SAL competitive swim team and for swimmers returning to our teams who want to keep up their skills in preparation for the team season.
    • Participants in the pre-team clinic are swimmers 7 years of age or older* who may not yet be at the competitive level but, with a little more knowledge of starts, strokes, turns, and techniques, will be ready to join the SAL team this season or next.
    • In order to participate in the pre-team clinic, swimmers must have a good knowledge of freestyle and backstroke. It is also beneficial if swimmers have a good knowledge of butterfly and breaststroke, however, swimmers with limited knowledge of these strokes (particularly younger swimmers) may also be ready for the pre-team clinic. Please click here for more information about required skills.
    • While participation in the pre-team clinic is not required to join our team, it is strongly recommended because swimmers tend to lose skills (particularly endurance but also form) during the off-season. This particularly applies to emerging swimmers on summer club teams. We have found that those swimmers who participate in our clinic are more likely to get the team placement they want than those who just come to team evaluations, having been out of the water for one to two months or more.
    • Pre-team clinic swimmers ready to join the SAL team will be invited to do so toward the end of the of clinic and will not need to attend separate evaluations for the CBST-SAL team. Those swimmers invited to join the SAL team will register toward the end of the pre-team clinic session. All related fees and online registration will be due at that time. It is highly recommended that swimmers still not ready for competition at the end of the clinic participate in our spring lesson program or spring clinic, and swim for a summer club before returning to the pre-team clinic and/or being evaluated again for team placement next fall.
    *If your 6-year-old child meets the criteria for clinics listed at the "required skills and general information link" above and would like to participate, email Jennifer Steinberg at jsteinberg@cbsd.org to explore the possibility of an evaluation. 
    Dates: September 3rd - October 1st, 2024
    Mondays & Wednesdays OR Tuesday & Thursdays
    No clinic on High School Back-to-School Night (date TBA)
    If any additional changes due to building conflicts become necessary they will be communicated as soon as known.
    Once initial registration is complete, if there is availabilty, adding extra day(s) may be offered for an additional fee.
    7:30 - 8:30 p.m.
    All practices will be at CB South High School.
    Cost: $210
    Payment is via our online system during registration. Instructions will be emailed after evaluations.
    Late registration is subject to availability and a non-refundable $50 late fee.
    This clinic has practice two days per week and participants are encouraged to attend all assigned practices, however, the coaches understand that swimmers have other commitments. As long as your swimmer is able to attend most days, we feel that it will be beneficial. Fees cannot be prorated. 
    Clinic participants should wear a racing suit (not a bikini, fashion suit, or shorts) and should use swim goggles (not face masks) and a swim cap (if they have long hair).
     Swimmers are returning participants if they swam with CBST during the 2023-2024 season or if they participated in the 2024 Spring Swim Clinic at CB South and received an email stating that they may sign-up for the pre-team clinic as a return member. If you were a member of CBST-SAL during the 2022-2023 season but not during the 2023-2024 season and did not participate in the 2024 spring clinic, email Jennifer Steinberg (jsteinberg@cbsd.org) for registration status. All other swimmers are considered new participants
    Returning participants click here for registration instructions. Registration deadline is August 15th.
    New participants click here for evaluation and registration instructions. Registration deadline will be shortly after your evaluation (exact date to be provided with registration instructions after your evaluation).
    Please see CB Aquatics FAQ Document linked here.
    For additional questions and contact information, follow returning or new participant link above or email Jennifer Steinberg at jsteinberg@cbsd.org.