• **Return member registration for this clinic has concluded.**

    Pre-Team Swim Clinic Returning Participant Registration 2023

    You are a returning participant if you were a member of CBST-SAL during the 2022-2023 season or if you participated in the spring 2023 swim clinic at CB South and received an email stating that you may sign-up for the pre-team clinic as a return member. If you were a member of CBST-SAL during the 2021-2022 season but not during the 2022-2023 season and did not participate in the 2023 spring clinic, email Jennifer Steinberg (jsteinberg@cbsd.org) for registration status. All other participants should follow the link for new participants.

    Returning participants must register by August 15th (registration deadline).

    Pre-team Clinic registration instructions:

    • All returning participants must register for the clinic online through their CBST Team Unify portal (including payment). Registration will open in early July.
    • Returning participants who were members of CBST-SAL during 2022-2023 season (or spring clinic participants who have been invited to join the team this year) and are joining CBST-SAL for 2023-2024 do not have any additional registration requirements for the clinic beyond team registration and online clinic registration.
    • Spring clinic participants who were invited to join the pre-team clinic but have not yet been invited to join CBST-SAL for the 2023-2024 season, must register online per above and provide a completed physical per below.
    • Returning participants who are joining the pre-team clinic but are not registering for CBST-SAL for 2023-2024 must register online per above and provide a completed physical per below. 

    Swim Team Physical for Grades 8 and under (see physical form requirements below)

    • Physical form must be dated 9/1/2021 or after for the 2023 clinic.
    • Physical form must be signed by swimmer's doctor.
    • The form here is provided for your convenience, however, any completed and correctly dated, doctor-signed form will be accepted.
    • Our programs require a new physical form each fall (even if the one you provided in the prior year is not out-of date).
    • Always keep a copy of your physical form for your records and for your use with this and other programs in the future.

    Physicals must be received electronically by August 15, 2023 - Be sure the form is readable and saved as a PDF and email to Jennifer Steinberg at jsteinberg@cbsd.org by the deadline.

    Placement in the clinic is on a first-come, first-served basis.

    If you have missed the registration deadline email Jennifer Steinberg (jsteinberg@cbsd.org) to find out if space remains available and note that there will be a non-refundable $50 late registration fee if space is available. Do not submit registration materials late without permission. 


    Please see CB Aquatics FAQ document available here.
    For additional questions, email Jennifer Steinberg: jsteinberg@cbsd.org.