• School Start Times Committee Kicks Off

    On the evening of November 14, a committee of more than 40 individuals including parents, administrators, principals, teachers, health professionals, and others began their work of studying the concept of changing school start times. 

    Superintendent Dr. John J. Kopicki welcomed the group, thanked them for their personal contribution of time, and explained that while no decisions have yet been made on changing school start times, the district is open to fully exploring the concept. 

    Dr. Nadine Garvin, assistant superintendent for elementary education; Dr. Alexis McGloin, assistant superintendent for assessment, professional development, and educational services; and Dr. Abram Lucabaugh, assistant superintendent for secondary education took the group through a number of activities. These included a study of the results of the community survey, a review of research on the topic of later start times, and a discussion of perceived benefits of and concerns with changing start times.

  • A letter from Superintendent Dr. John J. Kopicki

    More than 11,000 individuals participated in the CBSD high school start times survey conducted this past spring, including more than 4,000 parents and 5,000 students. See the results, linked at left (and below). The district will now work with its consultants at Hanover Research to gather additional, more detailed research that answers some critical questions in order to inform our next steps.

    This surveying was a step in a process that started more than a year ago, when the administration and school board began to discuss the possibility of migrating to later start times in the district's secondary school schedule.

    A thorough investigation of this matter will take time, but the Board and administration are committed to exploring it fully in order to determine if it’s right for our community, our students, and our schools. Throughout, we will continue to share resources, data, and scholarly research that we are considering - here on our website. 

    Thank you for your support as we consider new ways to serve our students and meet the needs of all learners in the Central Bucks School District.

    Stay Well,

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    John J. Kopicki, Ed.D.
    Superintendent of Schools

    Survey Results (Conducted April 2019-May 2019)

    Rethinking School Start Times - Learn more about why the district is exploring later start times for secondary schools.