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  • Great Summer With Staff Development

    Posted by JASON JAFFE on 8/21/2016
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  • 11 New OneNote Features Teachers Will Love

    Posted by JASON JAFFE on 5/1/2016

    The OneNote engineering team has been hard at work bringing improvements that make teachers’ lives even easier. Here are some of the many new features released in the past few months: http://bit.ly/1SHkfvb



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  • Office 365 Folders

    Posted by JASON JAFFE on 4/7/2016

    Please watch the mix below on how to use folders.  The volume may be low on slide 8.  View the fullsize video here.



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  • Class Notebook Add-in

    Posted by JASON JAFFE on 3/9/2016

    The OneNote team is adding some new features that will enhance the experience for teachers.  Please look for a new tab to show up in your OneNote called Class Notebook. 


    New features include:

    • Easy and quick distribution of pages or new sections to students in one or more classes.
    • Individualization through distribution of pages to specified students or student groups.
    • Ability to distribute a single chunk of text, an image or an ink selection to all or specified students in a Class Notebook.
    • Easy and quick copying of sections to the Content Library of one or more Class Notebooks.
    • Rapid sequential reviewing of student work (homework, assignments, quizzes, etc.) in one or more classes.
    • One-click launch of the Class Notebook app, including Create Class Notebook, Invite/Remove Students, Add/Remove Teachers and Get Notebook links.

    Below is a quick video to show you how this works.  Please comment below for questions or ideas to share.  Learn more here.




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