6th Grade Assessment Sample Unit


    Day 1: Pre-Teach PowerPoint Skills

    For an ongoing homework assignment, ask students to complete Atomic Learning trainings. You can assign relevant videos that relate to PowerPoint 2013 tasks. 

    al Students will find assigned videos in their My Training Tab.
    Watch this webinar to learn how to do this:  https://vimeo.com/111778537

    Day 2: Review the Presentation Rubric Approximate time to complete: 30 minutes.

    Give students a copy of the presentation rubric and discuss the language. Ask students to highlight words that they think are critical in achieving an advanced score.

    h You may want to show a word cloud of the rubric. Word clouds can help involve students in identifying and learning the key vocabulary in the rubric. The larger words are used more frequently. You could print the word cloud or project it.  Ask students to explain the key words they see and what they mean. 

    Day 3: Grade a Presentation Approximate time to complete: Each video you grade should take about 15 minutes.

    Visit the portal to analyze presentations as a class.
    Directions: Analyze each video and the corresponding PowerPoint with your whole class using the Presentation Rubric. Then, grade the presentation as a class using the online Quia rubric. When you are done, compare your scoring to other classes in the district by hitting the, "View results without submitting link."  Note, the scoring from the previous year have not been removed in order to keep data in for the classes completing this first. 

     Day 4: Elements of an Effective Presentation Approximate time to complete: 90 Minutes. 
    Use/modify the PowerPoint to go over aspects of an effective presentation. (Allow time to open the file) Have students take notes using the packet and follow each slide in of the PowerPoint. Notes are written on many of the slides to guide you

    Day 5: Application of PowerPoint Skills Approximate time to complete: 1 hour.

    lab Complete the PowerPoint Activity. This will guide students through learning how to utilize some of the advanced skills of PowerPoint.


    rubric Day 6: Assess Presentations Independently: Approximate time to complete: 20 Minutes.
    Have students analyze and grade a PowerPoint using the rubric.

    Day 7:  Scope and Sequence
    Give students time to check off the completed tasks of the 6th Grade Scope and Sequence.

    Most of the skills below were addressed in this unit.
    Day 8: Photo Analysis Activity Approximate time to complete: 20 Minutes.
    Show students the available resources for finding images and videos. In the computer lab, have them complete the Photo Analysis Activity. They can type directly into the document.