Schoolwires Communication Tools

  • Today we will cover three Communication Tools that Schoolwires offers:  Blogs, Wikis and Dscussion Boards.  They are each defined as follows:
    1.Blogs:  The Schoolwires Blog page allows teachers to create one or more web logs (blogs) on a page. You can allow students to add their comments. All comments can be approved by you before they will appear on the page or they can appear by default.
    2.Wikis:  The Schoolwires Wiki App allows registered users to collaboratively add, edit and delete content on the page. Only users who sign in can edit.
    3.Discussion Boards: The Discussion Board App allows teachers to add topics within the app for students to comment. In addition to posting new comments, students can reply to comments posted by other students for a topic. By doing this, students can create multiple discussion threads. Note: All posts by students are approved by the teacher by default.