Article Reflection

  • After you read the article, please do the following:
    1. Rate the article with stars (1-5) showing how effective it was. 5 is the best.
    2. Add a comment displaying 3 new ideas you gained from your reading.
  • HOT Blogging: A Framework for Blogging to Promote Higher Order Thinking

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    Summary: Blogging is an easy way to begin preparing elementary students for the new literacies of the Internet
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  • 10 Reasons Why I Want My Students to Blog

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    Summary: Blogging provides the best venue for teaching student writing. As bloggers, young people develop crucial skills with language, tone their critical thinking muscles, and come to understand their relationship to the world.
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  • The Joy of Blogging

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    Summary: When their audience is the whole world, students are motivated to be the best writers they can.
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  • Learning with Blogs and Wikis

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    Summary: Technology has made it easy for educators to embrace continual professional development.
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