Central Bucks Transportation Department


    Dear families,

    As you are undoubtedly aware, many of our families have experienced problems related to the timeliness of our bus transportation. We are aware of the impact of these delays on families and are seeking solutions to address the situation.

    Unfortunately, these difficulties are not unique to Central Bucks School District; on both a local and national scale, the shortage of bus drivers has been an ongoing problem. Recently, the state of Massachusetts called on the National Guard to transport students to school; and just days ago, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation personally contacted 375,000 holders of commercial driver's licenses in a recruitment campaign meant to ease a severe shortage of school bus drivers. While Central Bucks has collaborated with our drivers and transportation department leadership to implement solutions, these challenges persist.

    We are committed to exploring all possible solutions to the current transportation issues facing our district, and we thank you for your continued patience and understanding as we navigate this issue. You can help us, as well – by sharing open transportation positions with individuals that you know, who you believe may be interested in serving as a school bus driver. Visit CBSD Employment Portal to review open positions.

    Thank you,

    Sue Mattes, Director of Transportation Central Bucks School District


    Our Mission:

    To ensure a safe environment for the transportation of students to and from their schools, operating in a timely and predictable manner. 

    Assigned Bus Stops

    Parents are reminded that students are assigned to a specific bus AND a specific bus stop. Drivers are not authorized to move bus stops.  Your bus driver is not authorized to pick up or drop off students at other bus stops or other locations at any time.
    In a family emergency, the school principal may issue a "one-day" AFTERNOON Emergency Boarding Pass for the student to be dropped at another location.

    Temporary Student Boarding

    Vacation and work travel do not fall under the provisions for the issuance of an Emergency or a Temporary Boarding Pass. The majority of our buses carry a full load of students. When your child stays with another family, the host family is agreeing to transport your child to and from school.

    School Board Policy 810

    Kindergarten and first grade students must be met at the bus stop by a parent/guardian/ responsible adult or responsible older sibling. If no parent is available after a series of attempts to drop off, the driver will contact the school and transportation office and the child will be returned to school per school board policy 810.  All special needs students are to be met by a parent/guardian/responsible adult or responsible sibling unless prior arrangements have been documented.  


    School Board Policy on Audio & Video Recordings on School Vehicles

    The school district policy for audio and video recordings on school vehicles is Policy 810.2.


Text Alerts

  • Text alert messages may be sent to the designated phone for public school students.  At this time, the alert system is not integrated for notices to private school students.   The system will send a text message to your phone for the following:
    If your student's bus is running more then 15 minutes late
    If your student's bus and/or stop times have changed due to route adjustments
    School Delays or Closing