Class Notebook Add-in

Posted by JASON JAFFE on 3/9/2016

The OneNote team is adding some new features that will enhance the experience for teachers.  Please look for a new tab to show up in your OneNote called Class Notebook. 


New features include:

  • Easy and quick distribution of pages or new sections to students in one or more classes.
  • Individualization through distribution of pages to specified students or student groups.
  • Ability to distribute a single chunk of text, an image or an ink selection to all or specified students in a Class Notebook.
  • Easy and quick copying of sections to the Content Library of one or more Class Notebooks.
  • Rapid sequential reviewing of student work (homework, assignments, quizzes, etc.) in one or more classes.
  • One-click launch of the Class Notebook app, including Create Class Notebook, Invite/Remove Students, Add/Remove Teachers and Get Notebook links.

Below is a quick video to show you how this works.  Please comment below for questions or ideas to share.  Learn more here.