Competitive Level Workouts for College Swimmers


    USA Swim coaches will be monitoring a rigorous conditioning program for all college swim team members who wish to keep in shape for their college team during the summer.
    Please email Jennifer Steinberg, jsteinberg@cbsd.org, to inquire if space is available.
     Fees (payment is by credit card through our online system; due in advance on the 1st of the month):
    $40 per week or partial week in May
    $165 month of June
    $165 month of July/first week of August~

    Yearly USA Swimming Registration Fee (as set by USA Swimming - roughly $87) + meet costs where your swimmer is in attendance
    (USAS registration must be currently in good standing including compliance with APT requirements.)


    ~Note that practices will continue through the championship meets CBST is attending as a team so may or may not continue into August.~

    ***Swimmers must be registered in full with payment method on file before participating. Email Jennifer Steinberg at jsteinberg@cbsd.org to inquire if space is available and for registration information.***
    CB Aquatics Policies

    All participants and families are responsible to adhere to the policies of the Central Bucks School District, Central Bucks Aquatics, your team handbook (located on your team site), and any other procedural or policy statements received via email throughout the season. By participating with CBST you agree to be aware of and adhere to all of these policies. Please see the CB Aquatics policies page linked here for certain policy statements and additional information.
    Email Jennifer Steinberg at jsteinberg@cbsd.org