Group Swim Lessons at CB East

    Lessons are offered in the fall and spring.


    • Our group swim lessons are for children who are 3 1/2 and older.
    • Participants must be fully potty-trained by the first day of class (no swim diapers allowed)

    Registration and Attendance Procedures

    • Participants must be registered online and their registrations processed by the Community School Office BEFORE a swimmer will be allowed to participate. Swimmers cannot show-up for a lesson and sign-up at that time or later.
    • Lessons are only available on the date/time for which a swimmers is signed-up. Swimmers may not make up a lesson due to a conflict on another day or at a different time as this disrupts our instructor to swimmer ratios and causes issues within existing classes.
    • Fees cannot be prorated for swimmers who miss lesson(s) due to previous committments or otherwise, or who join late (if late registration is possible).

    Locker Rooms

    • Swimmers under the age of 7 may be accompanied into the locker room by a parent (use locker room matching gender of parent).
    • No cell phones or other recording devices may be used in the locker rooms for any purpose.

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