High School Swimming and Diving

    Click here for Basic Guidance for High School Swimmers and Divers.

    If your 9th-12th grader is interested in swimming or diving for their HIGH SCHOOL TEAM please email the following school athletic directors for information.
    CB South: Chas Cathers at ccathers@cbsd.org
    CB East:  John Reading at jreading@cbsd.org
    CB West: Henry Hunt at hehunt@cbsd.org 
    While some athletes prefer to participate with just their high school team, some also swim/dive with our community teams. See FAQ document linked at the bottom of this page if you need further information about these options. See following information regarding registration for these community teams which are separate from the high school teams.

    If your 9th-12th grader is RETURNING to swimming or diving in meets with CBST-SAL or CB Diving (please remember they practice with their high school team) please click here to register them via your portal.  No paperwork or payments are required for swimmers on Central Bucks high school teams* to participate in CBST-SAL/CB Diving meets.
    If your 9th-12th grader is NEW to our program and interested in swimming or diving in meets with CBST-SAL or CB Diving (please note practices are done with their high school team only) please email jsteinberg@cbsd.org with the following information:
    Full Name
    Date of Birth
    Parent's Email Address
    Street Address
    Parents Cell Phone Numbers
    High School team on which they swim and/or dive
    Any previous SAL team on which they participated

    No paperwork or payments are required.*
    *Athletes swimming and/or diving with their Central Bucks High School team do not need to provide any paperwork to participate in CBST-SAL or CB Diving meets. Athletes swimming and/or diving with a non-CB high school team must follow the registration instructions above and provide a physical (doctor-signed and dated 10-1-2019 or after for the 2021-22 season). Please follow the instructions above and also email Jennifer Steinberg for instructions regarding the physical.
    If your 9th-12th grader is interested in swimming with The Central Bucks Swim Team's USA Swimming program, please click here for information.
     Please click here to read General CB Aquatics FAQ document