Chapter Executive Team

  • Well-qualified and dependable officers are crucial to the growth of any FBLA chapter.  Effective leaders will:

    • Provide an environment where all members will grow professionally
    • Include all members in a dynamic program of work
    • Conduct the business of the chapter in proper parliamentary procedure
    • Maintain current and complete records and minutes
    • Encourage individual and chapter participation

    President:  Matthew M

    • Preside over and conduct meetings according to accepted parliamentary law.
    • Keep members and discussion on track.
    • Appoints committees and serves as an ex-officio member to each.
    • Coordinates chapter activities by maintaining communication with other officers, membership and advisor.
    • Plans meeting programs with the assistance of the Executive team.
    • Encourages participation of all members in an enthusiastic manner.

    Vice Presidents: Stephen D and Rayan T

    • Assist the president in the discharge of duties; presides at meetings in the absence of the president(s)
    • Oversees all committee work and management of assignments
    • Services as community service chairperson
    • Serves as an ex-officio member of chapter committees
    • Encourages participation by all members in an enthusiasic manner.

     Secretaries: Rong X

    • Prepare and read the minutes of meetings.
    • Provide the president with a written agenda for each meeting.
    • Counts and records votes when taken.
    • Prepares chapter reports.
    • Attends to official correspondence.
    • Sends out meeting notices.
    • Reads communications at all meetings.

     Treasurer: Dylan A

    • Works with advisor in depositing funds in the Student Activities Account and preparing documents for disbursement of funds.
    • Keeps financial records in Excel.
    • Oversees fundraising activities.
    • Tracks and deposits money collected from fundraisers and other activities.

      Historian/Social Media: Ayva M

    • Maintains an accurate and up-to-date record of chapter activities.
    • Drafts press releases on chapter activities, for possible publication in building (East Side Story), district, regional, state or national media.
    • Reports on chapter activities through appropriate and approved social media channels.