• Membership is open to all students in grades ten through twelve who accept the purpose of FBLA, subscribe to its creed, and demonstrate willingness to contribute their efforts to their school and community.

    Meetings are held on average one time a month, on Wednesdays, until the State competition. The morning announcements, TV ads, flyers around the building, previous meeting agendas, this website and notice on Room C106 inform students about upcoming meetings.  Meetings will be held in Room C106 at 2:45 p.m.

    Officer candidate applications are due no later than Friday, October 1, 2021.  Officers will be elected by a group of staff members.

    It is mandatory that local chapters and every member be affilitated with National, State and Region chapters. Dues of $26.00 must be paid  by Friday October 1, 2021. Payment will be through My Payments Plus (FBLA Dues & Registration 2021-2022).  Payment of dues is the only way to become a member.

    Students will sign up for their Regional Competition event at a club meeting (date to be announced).  Members must have their top three choices prior to the start of the meeting. View choices on the PA FBLA website (



    Regional On-Line and School site testing is scheduled as follows:

    (date to be announced) -  Preliminary testing for Computer Applications, Database Design, Publication Design, Spreadsheet Applications and Word Processing ONLY.

    (date to be announced) - All State ONLY materials must be uploaded to the State site per individual event instructions.

    (date to be announced) - All events with on-line testing component. Check PA FBLA website ( for more information on your chosen event.


    FBLA-Phi Beta Lambda is a nonprofit educational association of student members preparing for careers in business or who are just simply interested in learning more about the free enterprise system. FBLA helps students develop leadership abilities and prepare for entry into and advancement within a business-related occupation. Members learn how to engage in business enterprise, how to direct the affairs of a group, and how to compete honorably in competitive events. These activities help prepare students to be better employees and better citizens.


    For additional information contact: Mrs. Fosbenner - C106 -