• Philosophy

    Student involvement in school is critical to student connectedness, school satisfaction, and student success. At East, if there is not already a club that interests a student, that student may write and submit a proposal, find an advisor and members to create a club. Although many traditional clubs continue to exist throughout the years, others come and go as our students arrive and graduate. In this way, student activities at East are for the students, by the students, and of the students. Our clubs operate under the premise that students will achieve amazing things if we but let them. We empower our high school students to lead and create clubs, events, fundraisers, etc. Advisors do just that... advise. Advisors also supervise students and direct them in their pursuits. East students are leaders. Student activities provide leadership opportunities.

    Supervisory Responsibilities

    All after school activities must have professional sponsorship (an advisor). Advisors must make certain to be present during meetings and events of their student activity. Advisors direct students in their pursuits. At the conclusion of a meeting or event, advisors should make certain that all students in their group have left the building.

    There are certain things that should not be handled by students. These things must be done by the advisor:collection, counting or depositing money to the student activities account, collecting vote ballots, counting vote ballots, supervising students, use of the mobile personnel lift, handling or use of building keys.


    Clubs have access to publicity through their advisor. The following is a chart of publicity venues and the proper method to access those venues:

    Miscellaneous Guidelines

    Students are not permitted to use the mobile personnel lift. This unit is to by used by adult staff members who are properly trained in safe operation.

    Students are not permitted paint walls or other parts of the building without advisor and administrative approval.


    Freshmen are not permitted to be members of our East clubs. Freshmen may attend club-sponsored events. For example, freshmen are invited to attend Mr. East. They may not however take part in Mr. East.


    Students are not permitted to handle or count part of or all nomination ballots or election ballots. All nomination/election ballots will be handled by and counted by East Staff members. Elections to leadership or honorary titles are subject to administrative approval. A list of nominees should be confidentially submitted to the East Administrative team for approval prior to announcements of such positions or titles.

    Field Trips

    Student Club sponsored field trips should occur outside the school day. All field trips must be approved by Dr. Watters (please see Field Trip Procedures). Students must be chaperoned on all field trips at a ratio of one adult per fifteen students. Parents do not count as official chaperones although they may serve as extra chaperones. A first aid kit that addresses the specific needs of students participating in the field trip should be carried by the advisor/chaperone at all times as should the permission slips.

    Proposing New Events

    Clubs that want to have a new event must create a proposal and have it signed by the advisor. The proposal may then be submitted to Dr. Hadfield for approval. Things to consider:

    is another club running a similar event?
    chaperones needed?
    facility availability (check with Mrs. Fratrik)?
    money needed up front?
    police presence needed?


    All new fundraisers must be approved by Dr. Watters. Once approved, club should check with Mrs. Tagye each time the fundraiser is to occur to make sure dates/times and locations are available.

    Change for Change

    East clubs have access to the change collections boxes found at the cashier stations in the food court. Clubs may sign up for a one-month duration to raise money for a charity of their choosing. Clubs must submit a proposal including their charity and reason for raising money to Dr. Hadfield's office. If their is a specific desired month needed for the charity, that should also be stated in the proposal. Money collected should be counted and deposited through the principal's secretary's office. A check will then be made out to the named charity.

    Building Access

    Security and custodians will check the building facility usage calendar that is kept by Mrs. Tagye to determine which doors to unlock. If you have special requests or concerns, contact Evening Security. All building doors will be locked except the front entrance doors and the Athletic Lobby doors which will remain open to all registered student groups.

    When using the building facilities for meetings/events, it is the advisor's responsibility to ensure that it is secure and returned to original state before leaving. Advisors should hold student members accountable for set up and clean up for all events.

    All advisors need to reserve school facilities with Mrs. Fratrik before holding an evening meeting or event.