• If you are interested in starting a new club, please follow these instructions:

    Make sure that none of the clubs listed in our directory cover your area of interest. Read the descriptions and email the club advisor(s) to be certain.
    Write a proposal. This should include the club's mission, types of activities envisioned, fund raising aspirations (if needed), frequency of meetings and meeting location(s).
    Find an advisor. Take your proposal to a teacher (or teachers) who may be interested in advising this new club. The new advisor needs to sign the proposal.
    Bring your signed proposal to Dr. Hadfield's office. He will review it and discuss it with you.

    There has been interest in starting the following clubs. All they need is a leader...

    Student and Staff Choir
    Gardening Club
    Crochet & Knitting Club

    If you have any questions, email Dr. Hadfield.