• Student Laptop Agreement  Central Bucks East

    You will be using laptops and internet resources as valuable educational tools in our classroom. Throughout the course, you should adhere to some guidelines.  If you cannot follow the guidelines provided, you may lose computer privileges.

    Laptop Guidelines
    1. Use two hands when carrying the laptop.
    2. Laptops should be on the desks and not on your laps.
    3. Before you close the computer you must exit all open windows and shut down.
    4. If you become a distraction with the laptop, you will lose privileges (sounds, banging… etc).
    5. You may only use software or navigate to websites that are assigned.
    6. When you return the laptop, you must plug in the charge cord appropriately. 
    7. Do not place anything on tops of the laptop when it is closed.
    8. Do not place food or drink anywhere near the laptop.

    Internet Guidelines

    1. Viewing inappropriate material on the internet is not acceptable.  If while on task and researching appropriate material and something inappropriate appears, contact the teacher immediately.
    2. Never share personal information on any sites used in the classroom.  Use only usernames and login names that the teacher assigns.
    3. Do not use another site’s ideas, images, or information without citing appropriately.
    4. DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP must be practiced at all times.

    Please click here to digitally agree to the terms above.