• The Mission of CB East ...

    ... is to inspire the human spirit and create opportunities for all students
    to be successful.

    OUR TEACHING will always be about quality. We are
    passionate about learning, about promoting learning, about meeting students
    where they are and guiding them to their full potential. Our work will never be

    OUR CBE FAMILY is a team. Our work is our passion. Together,
    we embrace collegiality and respect. We strive to create a place where we can
    be ourselves and appreciate our differences, a place where everyone is treated
    with dignity. We pledge to hold one another to that standard.

    OUR STUDENTS are why we are here. When we are fully
    engaged, we connect with, laugh with and uplift one another's lives - if only for a
    moment each day. We value instruction, but our work goes far beyond that. Our
    work is about relationships.

    OUR CLASSROOMS are collaborative communities for growing and learning. 

    We embrace the discovery of one's passions to develop a sense of life-long learning. 


    OUR SCHOOL is our people. Every one matters. We take our responsibility to be positive
    school citizens seriously. We want to be a force for positive action, bringing
    every member of the CBE family together. 

    OUR COMMUNITY entrusts us with their children. We are
    accountable to those families. We understand and embrace the power of
    relationships with the community, and we partner with them to enrich our
    students' lives.

    The P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Way

    In all its interactions with students, staff and the community, Central Bucks
    East honors the following core values: