PLEASE NOTE: The enrollment code for our group has changed to protect account security. Please use the updated code listed here, and below: 626373E112655.
    Gift (or store) cards are a wonderful way to support the CB East Marching Patriots, because they essentially don't cost you anything!  Go online to order cards for stores you normally shop in (or would like to try!), and then use those cards like cash when you shop.  In return, the Student and Band Accounts are credited with a percentage from every card sold, at no cost to you or the band.  These cards also make wonderful gifts – many of them can be purchased in denominations as low as $5-10. 
    Orders are placed for these cards on the second Tuesday of every month. We will typically send an email reminder about the deadlines. Any orders received after the deadline will be processed as a part of the next month's order.
    Orders are typically available 5-7 days after order placement, and an email notice will be sent for pick up date and time.
    What's the Split?  The entire proceeds will go toward the student accounts. See the "Fundraiser 101" handout for more information.

    How do I order? 

    1. Go online to www.shopwithscrip.com.  Enter enrollment code 626373E112655.  Once enrolled, click on the tab marked “order scrip” and browse through the 100's of gift cards available.
    2. Make your selections for your order.
    3. You may checkout two ways.  The easiest way is to sign up for PrestoPay, which directly links your bank account and will save you the hassle of delivering check payments.  It will also allow you to get your “script now” products immediately.  You can find instructions on how to sign up for PrestoPay on the shop with scrip website.  The second way is to pay by physical check.  Make your check out to "CB East Band Parents” and deliver it to Jenn Maney (see address above). Orders cannot be placed until checks are received.  Checks must be delivered on or before the monthly order due date.
    4. Checkout & print a copy of your order confirmation.
    5. Family members can go online and order as well, make sure they note your son/daughter's name, so appropriate credit is given.


    Gift cards are usually ready for pick up 3 - 5 days after the monthly due date.