Media Production 1

    This course gives students hands on experience with current communications trends and devices. Students will apply communication principles while producing effective messages (mostly video). Students will create projects using high tech and professional video production equipment such as digital video cameras, professional grade editing equipment and software (AVID Media Composer). Independently or working in groups, students will create video pieces such as commercials, PSAs, sports highlights, and more.  These works can and will be used for broadcast on Patriot Primetime, East’s morning announcement daily show.   

    Media Production 2

    The students who participate in this course will learn the basics of television broadcast.      Working with professional recording, editing, and broadcasting equipment and software, students in this course are responsible for the daily broadcast of East’s mourning announcements (Patriot Primetime).In a state-of-the-art TV studio, students will learn the many jobs that are required for broadcasting a news show (camera person, director, floor manager, teleprompter, etc.) In addition, students will create video segments (shorts, advertisements, sports highlights, special recordings) for Patriot Primetime’s Friday segment show.