Engineering 1 Course

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    In this course, students will be introduced to concepts found in the various fields of engineering. Students will be exposed to the engineering design process and then use it to solve problems related to engineering concepts. In addition to using computer numerical controlled machines and a laser engraver, students will be introduced to high level 3-dimensional design software along with 3D printing.  Students are expected to use a variety of techniques and real-world technologies throughout the course. Software packages include CorelDRAW, SolidWorks, Roland CutStudio and SRP Player and MakerBOT's Print.

    Engineering 2 Course

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    This course is only available at East. Building upon the experiences and knowledge acquired in Engineering I, students will engage in a more elaborate studies of electronics and robotics. Students will explore robotics by designing small robots that can navigate an obstacle course and complete several functions. Control logic and robot components will be introduced in this section of the course. Students will further their exploration of electronics developing schematics and creating their own circuits with breadboards and various electronic components. Students will also continue to explore computer numerical control by designing and building a prototype in a product design challenge using CNC equipment. Software packages include Arduino IDE utilizing C++, TinkerCAD's Circuits, AutoDesk Fustion 360, MakerBOT Print, and Velocity CNC.