• Sora Ebooks and Audiobooks





    Reading ebooks and audiobooks is easy with Sora!

    Go to soraapp.com on your laptop or download the free Sora app to your phone or device.


    For help, see the quick Getting Started with Sora written instructions or video.



    Lending Policy

    • You may borrow up to 2 books at a time in Sora. If you try to borrow more, an error message will appear.
    • The loan period is 4 weeks. After 4 weeks, the book will disappear from your shelf.
    • The Renew option has been temporarily suspended due to high demand. If your lending period ends before you finish a book, try to check it out again. If someone else was waiting for it, it will go to them first and you may place a hold.
    • You may place holds on up to 2 books at a time.
    • Please be considerate and return your books early if you finish before the loan period ends.



    Customize It

    You have the power to customize your Sora ebook reading experience! See how in this video.

    • choose a text size
    • set the brightness
    • choose a dyslexic-friendly font
    • create bookmarks
    • define words
    • highlight text
    • leave notes

    These settings are saved to your account. Your notes, highlights, and word definitions are saved even after you check an ebook in, and they may be exported.


    Updated 11/30/20