• Google Search Tips

    Choose your search terms carefully and try a different word or phrase if necessary.

    Use the Advanced Search option or the modifiers below to refine your search.


    To find Google Advanced Search:

    • From the Google Search home page
      • Click Settings at bottom
      • Select Advanced Search
    • Or, if you're already on a Google search results page
      • Click Settings at top
      • Select Advanced Search


    Use these modifiers in the Google search box:

    “ “     Add quotes around a word or phrase to search for an exact match.

    For example, "alpha thalassemia"


    OR     Add OR between search terms to find web pages that include any of the terms.

    For example, Myanmar OR Burma


    -        Add a minus sign in front of a word or phrase to exclude it from results.

              For example, jaguar speed -car


    ~       Add ~ in front of a word to search for that word and similar words.

    For example, Myanmar ~decolonization will find results for Myanmar decolonization as well as independence


    site:  Add site: to search within a specific site or limit your results to a domain (such as .edu, .gov or

    .org). For example, Kilauea eruption site:nytimes.com will search only within the nytimes.com website. “global warming” site:.edu will search only on .edu websites.


    filetype:  Add filetype: to find pages in a specific format (such as .pdf or .ppt).

    For example, “global warming” filetype:.pdf will only find results that are PDF files.


     Updated 5/24/18