• Scholarships


    CB West receives information about various scholarships each year.  These include private, community, organizational, and athletic scholarship opportunities.  This information is available through Naviance - click on "College" tab, then link for "Scholarship List."  This list is kept updated throughout the year. Typically, we get more information after the winter break, so be sure to check the list frequently.  

    • As more scholarships become available, the Senior House counselors will email information to students about specific opportunities.  Students must have an updated email address added to their Naviance Profile to receive these email notifications.


    Institutional Scholarships

    Many colleges offer specific scholarships through their own institution.  These can include merit-based scholarships, memorial scholarships, and scholarships aimed at certain populations of students.  Check the colleges' Financial Aid and/or Scholarship webpages for specific eligibility and application instructions.  Some of these scholarships do NOT require the student to file the FAFSA.


    Scholarship searches

    Some scholarship search engines that may be useful to students and parents include, but are not limited to:

    Fastweb  - database of over 1.5 million scholarships

    College-Scholarships -- information and links to scholarship databases (mostly free) which can assist your search.  You can search for scholarships by state or other parameters.

    Big Future - sponsored by College Board. 

    Scholly -- This scholarship search site also has a convenient mobile app.   

    Sallie Mae -- Lists resources for a variety of college scholarships, as well as financial aid info.



     Please be wary of any websites that might charge a fee.  You should not have to pay for access to a scholarship or to information about scholarships.