C.B. West English Department*

Catherine Bell (D117) 267-893-2592 cabell@cbsd.org 
Linda Brach (D116) 267-893-2560 lbrach@cbsd.org 

 Rebecca Cartee-Haring (A201) 267-893-2645 rcarteeharing@cbsd.org

Dawn Curran (C121) 267-893-2575dcurran@cbsd.org

Sharon Hetrick (C117) 267-893-2571 shetrick@cbsd.org

Megan McPhillips (A121) 267-893-2621 mmcphillips@cbsd.org

Katelyn Mullen (C134) kmullen@cbsd.org

Catherine Rosselli (C116) Department Coordinator 267-893-2572 crosselli@cbsd.org 

Katherine Semisch (A202) 267-893-2646 ksemisch@cbsd.org

Robert Trachtenberg​ (A208) 267-893-2642 rtrachte@cbsd.org 

​Jeanine Waldron (D119)​​ 267-893-2561 jowaldron@cbsd.org

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