• Student Government Organization (SGO)

    What is SGO?

    CB West's Student Government Organization is a club affiliated with the PA and National Associates of Student Councils.


    Advisor & Officers 2023-24

    Faculty Advisor:      Ms. Micucci





    Purposes of SGO

    -To represent and unify the student body.  To connect all three classes in activities and events.


    -To give students a voice in school affairs and provide an outlet for student ideas, opinion, and dissent.


    -To respond to the needs, interests, and views of students and to address student concerns.


    -To work to improve student morale and to increase school spirit.


    -To facilitate communication between students and the faculty and administration.


    -To represent the student body on school, district, and community committees.


    To keep the student body informed of school and district policies and issues which affect it.


    -To initiate and facilitate school improvement projects and ideas.


    -To initiate and promote social and cultural activities for the student body.


    -To develop and promote responsible leadership, citizenship, and service.

    What SGO Does


    All members of SGO meet together to discuss issues and plan activities during advisory and after-school meetings, as necessary.


    All members of SGO are assigned a homeroom to report to and to represent.



    SGO members interact with student leaders from Bucks County every month at meetings of the Bucks County I.U. Student Forum.