• Student Government Organization (SGO)


    The first meeting for students interested in joining or rejoining SGO will be Tuesday, September 12th, 2017 in the large end of the cafeteria.



    SGO consists of approximately 60 students ranging from sophomores to seniors.


    Nineteen SGO members (including the four officers) serve on the Executive Board.


    Two Juniors and two seniors serve on the BCIU Forum Committee.



    Additional members serve as Committee Chairs and Co-Chairs.



    Advisor & Officers 2017-2018

    Faculty Advisor:      Ms. Jennifer Jones

    President:                Alec Laboski

    Vice President:     Meghan Kelly

    Secretary:     Bridget Naylor       

    Treasurer:  Amanda Ernst        


    Purposes of SGO

    -To represent and unify the student body.  To connect all three classes in activities and events.


    -To give students a voice in school affairs and provide an outlet for student ideas, opinion, and dissent.


    -To respond to the needs, interests, and views of students and to address student concerns.


    -To work to improve student morale and to increase school spirit.


    -To facilitate communication between students and the faculty and administration.


    -To represent the student body on school, district, and community committees.


    To keep the student body informed of school and district policies and issues which affect it.


    -To initiate and facilitate school improvement projects and ideas.


    -To initiate and promote social and cultural activities for the student body.


    -To develop and promote responsible leadership, citizenship, and service.

    What SGO Does


    All members of SGO meet together to discuss issues and plan activities at bi-monthly business meetings.


    All members of SGO are assigned a homeroom to report to and to represent.


    SGO’s leaders meet with the Superintendent to discuss student concerns at Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council meetings four times a year.


    SGO members interact with student leaders from Bucks County every month at meetings of the Bucks County I.U. Student Forum.


    Through participation in the Pennsylvania Association of Student Councils, members meet with student leaders from around the region and throughout the state to share ideas and discuss issues of mutual concerns.