Advisor:  Marissa Hood

    Email: mhood@cbsd.org

    About:  Science National Honor Society (SNHS) recognizes and celebrates students who have excelled in the field of science. Members come together to share their passion for science. SNHS creates a supportive community where students can collaborate, share ideas, and engage in scientific discussions.  Often students participate in guest and officer lectures, workshops, and community service opportunities to supplement their education. These experiences can deepen students' understanding of science, expose them to real-world applications, and inspire them to pursue science-related careers.  

    When:  Our meetings generally occur biweekly on Thursdays during lunch and learn.  The advisor will give a copy of meetings for the school year at the first meeting.


    • Each prospective inductee and returning member will be required to show how they exemplify the attributes of Scholarship, Character, and STEM Club Involvement prior to receiving an invitation into the society.  This information can be found in the application.

    • A member must be in their Junior or Senior year.
    • A member must have and maintain at least an overall 3.7000 GPA (weighted).
    • A member must have completed and/or be enrolled in:
      1. one honors or AP level science course prior to 11th grade (Honors Biology and/or Honors Chemistry).
      2. one honors or AP science course (Honors Physics and/or AP Biology and/or AP Chemistry and/or AP Physics Newtonian and/or AP Physics Electricity and Magnetism and/or AP Environmental Science) in 11th grade.
      3. one honors or AP level science course (Honors Physics and/or AP Biology and/or AP Chemistry and/or AP Physics Newtonian and/or AP Physics Electricity and Magnetism and/or AP Environmental) in 12th grade.
      4. an Honors or AP Physics class during either the 11th or the 12th grade.
    • A member must maintain a 4.0000 GPA (weighted) across all science courses.
    • A member must be active in two science/STEM clubs at Central Bucks High School West.
    • A member must abide by the school’s code of conduct.
    • Members are required to attend at least 5 meetings a school year.  See reverse for tentative dates.
    • Members must complete 5 hours of service per year to maintain their membership through the   Science National Honor Society.  Members must complete only 1 hour of service in the year of their induction.  1 hour of service must come from a list of approved service commitments.  Members may not submit service hours that were/will be submitted to other organizations such as NHS, Key Club, etc.
    • All members must attend one local chapter officer’s lecture annually.  Lectures occur during regularly scheduled meetings.  Also, regular members may give a lecture with the approval of the chapter advisor(s).
    • Future candidates must petition for membership in the Science National Honor Society by completing the proper application and returning it as directed by the posted deadline.  Returning members must complete a separate registration form.
    • Future candidates and returning members must pay annual dues/fees.  Unsuccessful applicants will have dues/fees refunded.  Any member who is dismissed from SNHS will not have dues/fees refunded.  Students who are part of the Free and Reduced Lunch Program will have their dues/fees reduced to zero automatically.  However, all students should submit a payment, even if the payment is $0.
    • A member may be dismissed if he/she violates the standards, obligations, or ideals of the Science National Honor Society or if their Cumulative GPA and/or Science GPA fall below the requirements.  If dismissed, a student may not re-apply for membership at any time.