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    Please use the Key Club email to contact Mrs. Greenberg or Mrs. Burton for Key Club related questions.




    Important Information: 

    "Un-Registering":  You CANNOT unregister for an event once you have signed up!!! That means that you need to check with anyone who may be responsible for your schedule (parent/guardian, work, etc.) BEFORE signing up for an event.  It will NOT be an excused absence if you sign-up for an event and then cannot attend because you didn't check and you have to work, have an appointment scheduled by a parent, have a family trip, etc.    IF you sign-up for an event and find out that you cannot attend you MUST find a Key Club member to replace you and let either Mrs. Greenberg or Mrs. Burton know prior to the event so that we can make the switch in our system.  If you do not find a replacement, it will count as a skip.  If you skip 2 events, you will be removed from Key Club this year, and will not be eligible to sign up again next year.


    Outside Events:  You may use an outside event to count for up to 3 hours of the 18 required hours of service this year.  If you have an outside event that you would like to receive credit for, please have the adult in charge send Mrs. Greenberg or Mrs. Burton an email stating your name, the event, how many hours you volunteered, and a brief description of what you did.