2022-2023 School Year

    The PSAT will be offered to 10th and 11th grade CB West students on Saturday, October 15th, 2022. This exam will be taken in-person at CB West high school. Students should plan to be in their exam room by 7:45am and plan for pick-up around 11:45am. There are no alternative exam dates, and registration is only open to West students.

    College bound 10th and 11th grade students are encouraged to take the PSAT to gain exposure to the SAT, an exam many colleges use when making admissions decisions. If students take both the PreACT and PSAT during 10th grade, they are able to focus exclusively on their preference during 11th grade (SAT or ACT). 11th grade students may also earn scores high enough to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship Program. For more information about the PSAT, you can visit the College Board website.

    Registration will be open on the MyPaymentsPlus (MPP) website (https://www.mypaymentsplus.com/welcome) from Monday, August 22nd through Monday, September 12th. Registrations are being taken prior to the ordering deadline so that all who register will get a seat; however, exam seats may not be available after registration closes. 

    Please take note of the following registration tips:

    • If this is the first time you are using MPP for any of your students, then you'll need to create a new account.
    • If you created an account for use with an older sibling, then you’ll need to add the new student to your already existing account.
    • You will need your student's school ID to create a new MPP account, or to add a new student to an existing account.
    • There is a “forget your username or password” button if needed, but you should not create a new account if your forget your login information.
    • The PSAT at West activity will only appear as an activity you can register for after your student is added to your MPP account. 

    If your student plans on using accommodations associated with an IEP, you must email Mike Curtis (mcurtis@cbsd.org) after completing registration.

    Updated 8/23/22


    Important Notes for all college extrance exams: 

    1.  Students will need to create their own accounts for both SAT (through www.collegeboard.org) and/or the ACT (through www.act.org).  Students must save their login information (username and password) for these accounts.  No one at CB West will have access to these student accounts, and students will need to access these accounts frequently in order to register for future tests, check scores, and send scores to colleges.

    2.  Students should use a personal email account (Gmail, etc.), and NOT their CBSD school email account when registering for tests.  You may need access to these accounts after you graduate, when your CB email will be deactivated.  You will get important information and notifications about your tests sent to this email address, so it should be one that you check frequently.  This should not be a parent email address.  

    3. Students must enter the CB West CEEB Code:  391045 during online registration for the SAT and ACT in order to have their scores sent to CB West. 


    SAT 2021-22
    SAT registration is handled through the College Board website (not by CB West). 
    For 2022-23 SAT exam dates and registration information, click HERE.  Students will need to create a College Board account. 
    During the SAT registration process, students may request to send their scores to up to four (4) colleges at no cost. Follow directions in the link. 
    For free, online SAT Prep, students can refer to College Board's practice website for resources, including Khan Academy (see also "Free Online Test Practice Resourses" Section at the bottom of this page).


    ACT 2022-23


    Go to the ACT website for more information about 2021-2022 ACT exam dates and registration procedures.  

    For ACT exam dates for the 2022-23 school year, and for registration information, click HERE.  Students will need to create a MyACT account.

    When registering for the ACT, students can request to send their scores to up to four (4) colleges for free.  Follow registration instructions .



     Free Online Test Practice Resources for Students

    • Go to www.KhanAcademy.org and set up a free account for comprehensive, individualized practice for SAT and PSAT.  Get feedback, access tutorial videos, and set up your own practice schedule.   

    • ePrep

      The Central Bucks School District offers a standardized testing prep system, ePrep, to all its students. This free web-based program helps students prepare for the PSAT, SAT and ACT. There are practice tests, test-taking tips, and instructional videos that explain how to do the problem(s) that may have been answered incorrectly during the practice session. Go to www.eprep.com and set up your student account:

      Login information for 2022-23 School Year:

      Seniors (Class of 2023):  Username:  your CB email; Password:  West2023

      Juniors (Class of 2024):  Username:  your CB email; Password:  West2023

      Sophomores (Class of 2025):  Username:  your CB email; Password:  West2022  (updated 9.20.22)

      Students who have questions or problems with logging in should contact Ms.Graney in the CB West Library.