​​College athletics are regulated by the NCAA. Students who plan to participate in sports at the college level must make sure that they are eligible to play. The rules and requirements of NCAA eligibility may be found at the Eligibility Center -- www.eligibilitycenter.org. Please use the Eligibility Center website to answer all of your NCAA-related questions. The information below is meant as a guide only, and is NOT a comprehensive description of the policies, procedures, or steps required to establish eligibility in the NCAA.

    Click HERE for the most popular FAQ's for student athletes and NCAA! 

    Helpful TIPS for student athletes:

     1. Start planning by sophomore year. Work hard to get the best grades possible.

    2. Take classes that match your high school's list of NCAA-approved courses. The NCAA Eligibility Center will only use approved courses to certify your initial eligibility. You can access and print CB West's list of NCAA courses by clicking on the link for the Eligibility Center, logging into the student portal, and when prompted to put in CBW's high-school code: 391045.

    3. Juniors should register with the Eligibility Center, and create an account. Juniors registering for the SAT's or ACT's should also list the Eligibility Center as one of their intended recipients of their test scores, by entering the code "9999." 

    Juniors must also send their transcript to the Eligibility Center at the end of Junior Year.  Follow NCAA's instructions for requesting electronic transcripts.  

    4. Juniors should meet with their guidance counselor to review their courses, transcript, and eligibility requirements.

    5. Seniors should continue to use their "My Planner" tool to make sure they are on track with credits, required documents, and eligibility. Seniors must arrange to have their Final Transcripts sent to NCAA.

    Please refer to this NCAA Quick Guide​ for a more detailed description of academic requirements for eligibility.

    PLEASE NOTE: It is the responsibility of students and their families to become familiar with the eligibility requirements of the NCAA, and to ensure that all NCAA rules and regulations are followed. Central Bucks West is not responsible for the actions or decisions of the NCAA with regard to eligibility.