Class of 2020-- College Application Process

    If you want to see a Power Point with screen-shots of the steps listed below, go to the Class of 2020 page, and view the College Application Workshop slideshow (first one listed). 


    For information about applying to Bucks County Community College, visit their Admissions Page and follow the instructions to Apply, take Placement tests, attend an orientation, and register for classes.  


    Step OneComplete college applications, using the college's online application, The Common Application, or the Coalition Application.


    Step Two:Submit your 2019-2020 Release of Records Authorization to Mrs. Matthews in the Guidance Office.


    Step Three:Request your Transcripts through Naviance.  Use this Step-by-Step Guide for Requesting Transcripts.


    Step Four:  Request your Teacher Recommendations through Naviance, and your Counselor Letter of Recommendation, if needed, using this Step-by-Step Guide to requesting Recommendations.


    Step Five:  Send your official scores, if required, from College Board (for SAT's) or ACT Student (for ACT's).


    →Once you've submitted requests, and you want to see whether your materials have been sent, you can use this guide showing How to Check the Status of Your Transcripts and Teacher Recommendations in Naviance.  


    You must give the Guidance Office 15 School Days (3 weeks) to process Transcript and recommendation requests.  Please comply with the following DEADLINES:





    If application is due by:                                              Request in Naviance by:


    October 15, 2019                                                        September 23, 2019

    November 1, 2019                                                      October 14, 2019

    November 15, 2019                                                    October 25, 2019

    December 1, 2019                                                       November 6, 2019

    January 1, 2020                                                           December 2, 2019

    January 15, 2020                                                         December 16, 2019

    February 1, 2020                                                         January 10, 2020

    February 15, 2020                                                       January 23, 2020

    March 1, 2020                                                             February 6, 2020


    Information you may need to complete the Education section of the Common Application:

    • Class size:  492 students
    • We have a grading scale of 4.0.
    • We do not rank officially.  Answer "N/A" to the ranking question.
    • Our CEEB (College Board) code is:  391045
    • You can find your current cumulative GPA on your Unofficial Transcript, in your Student Portal (under 'Reports').

    Important:  When filling out the Common App, DO NOT LIST YOUR COUNSELORS AS RECOMMENDERS.  We are a "Naviance School," which means we send recommendations through Naviance, not Common App.