In Memorandum
    Larry Greene passed away on April 3, 2013. Larry believed that football taught many life lessons and his passion for coaching and teaching were evident in everything he did. Larry has impacted countless young adults in our community through his work in the classroom and on the field. His positive, “can-do” attitude lifted the spirits of those of us fortunate to know and work with him. Larry had a great sense of humor, reminding us to enjoy the little things, while focusing on what is most important.
    Teacher and Football Coach

    Taught Special Education at East since 1980
    Coached East for a total of twenty years and at Pennsbury for four years:School picture
    One hundred twenty five wins in his overall career (The most of any coach at East)
    His team appeared in the playoffs for three years and won in 2001
    Member of the CB East Athletic Hall of Fame
    Of the players he coached:
         Ten earned scholarships
         Five earned first team All-State honors
         Two went into NFL careers


    Married 14+ years to wife, Vivianwith Vivian
    Lived in New Hope and liked all the restaurants, shops and recreation in the area
    Two step-sons that graduated from CB East and are now married with children of their own
    Five grandchildren
    The entire Greene family were teachers: his mother, two sisters, and his father was Superintendent in Cheltenham and Westfield, NJ.

    Comments from Friends and Colleagues:

    • Larry loved football and played in high school and college
    • He loved to play golf, especially with his old high school football buddies
    • Larry Greene was a mentor, friend and leader to many of us. He always taught his students, players and assistant coaches to, "do the right thing." As a coach, he taught his players to be competitive and that hard work pays off. His ultimate goal was developing players into young men and successful adults. In his absence, we often find ourselves asking, "What would Larry do?" when we are in a tough situation. Larry was the social glue that keeps the group together. If it was golf, skiing or an occasional "diet ginger ale," we always shared lots of laughs. Larry had a natural way of instilling confidence in his students, players and coaches.
    • Larry was a fun loving guy who has never said an unkind word about anyone. He truly enjoyed life. He spent countless hours, not by just working with his team members to prepare for football games, but to prepare for life. He spoke to many recruiters and helped his students on their next journey in life, college. He did so much for these young men and they admired him so much that when they found out that he needed a stem cell transplant, they were all eager to find out what they needed to do to find out if they would be a match. They wanted to give back to him for all that he had done for them.