• Summer 2020

    Dear Parents/Guardians:

    In an effort to generate enthusiasm for reading during the summer months, our summer reading program provides students with CHOICES for reading.

    Our goal is to have students reading on a regular basis because they choose to do so. When students are interested and engaged in a book, reading becomes a meaningful part of their lives.  For this reason, we encourage students to choose books that interest them. 

    We encourage you to be involved in conversations with your child about the book they choose.  When family plays an active role in their child’s reading life, students can witness firsthand the role reading can play in their lives.

    At CB East, the librarian and teachers have assembled a list of book suggestions for students. Your child is not required to choose a book from this list, but please refer to it if your child is searching for suggestions for what to read this summer. When students and staff return to school in the fall, book discussions will be held in homeroom providing everyone with the opportunity to share what they read over the summer. Our goal is to promote reading for pleasure and build on the school culture at CB East.

    Please follow this link to a Sway presentation with suggestions…Summer Reading Sway 2020

    Thank you for being an important part of our reading community!

    Melissa Burger, MLIS               Alyssa Walloff, Ed.D.                           Lori Gallagher- Landis

    K-12 Library Coordinator          K-12 Language Arts Supervisor            Principal