• Required Immunizations

    The following must be completed before your child can be admitted to school. Medical and religious exceptions to this requirement can be explained by the school nurse.


    Diptheria and Tetanus (DT): 4 or more doses of vaccine, one of which must be given at age 4 or older.

    Polio: 3 properly spaced doses of vaccine

    Rubella(German Measles), Measles, and Mumps: 2 doses of vaccine, the first at age 12 months of age or older

    Hepatitis B: 3 properly spaced doses of vaccine

    Chicken Pox (Varicella): 2 doses of the vaccine(1st dose must be after 1st birth date), history of the disease, or laboratory testing

    Meningicoccal: 1 dose

    TDAP: 1 dose


    A child may be admitted to school if there is documentation that 1 dose of each of the above has been given. State law requires that the immunization series be completed with 8 months of school entry or the student cannot be permitted to continue in school.


    The following are recommended but not required:

    Hepatitis A: 2 doses

    HPV (Gardisil): 3 properly spaced doses


    Please discuss these vaccines with your doctor.